Best Logistics ITE arranges international transportation and delivery of the following foodstuffs in Russia:

  • Perishable foodstuffs
    • foodstuffs of plant origin: fruit, berries, vegetables, mushrooms;
    • ingredients of animal origin: cooled meat and poultry, fish and seafood, caviar, eggs;
    • processing products: vegetable oil, grease, meat and milk products;
  • Raw materials and semi-finished products
  • Canned foodstuffs
  • Pasta
  • Pastry
  • Tea, coffee

Best Logistics ITE delivers foodstuffs by various means of transport:

  • By road: in refrigerated vans and insulated vans
  • By rail: in refrigeration sections, insulated cars, refrigerated containers and insulated containers
  • By sea: in refrigeration sections and insulated containers
  • Multimodal transportation with transhipment, i.e. with use of various means of transport on the way.

Best Logistics ITE is your reliable logistics operator in the field of foodstuff delivery.

  • We are ready to provide the relevant means of transport that ensures the required temperature from -25 to 20 °С as soon as possible.
  • We will ensure customs clearance of goods at the highest level. Therefore, we will carefully choose border crossing points in the European Economic Community and customs clearance points.
  • We will meet tight deadlines for delivering your cargo in compliance with all sanitary standards and requirements.
  • We will assist in receipt of all necessary certificates for your products.

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