Social responsibility

Social responsibility

  • It is our profound belief that ethics shall form the basis of all types of relations: with employees, partners, authorities, and the society in general. Our Holding developed a corporate ethics code that is strictly followed, and continuously improved. Mutual respect, trust, responsibility, honesty, openness, responsiveness, politeness, client orientation, and self-development are our core values.

  • Our main asset is our staff, and our corporate culture. Our company takes care of the health and cultural development of our employees. Labor and rest conditions are continuously improved, and additional medical insurance is provided, as well as trainings and common cultural leisure. All these efforts made us a stable, friendly, and energetic team.

  • Environment protection measures are taken daily. This is proven by our environmental management certificate. Our industrial and residential waste treatment complies with the international requirements. Our company strictly follows the standards of the UN European Economic Commission as regards to the level of pollution from road vehicles. Our company is responsible for the world, in which the future generations will live.

  • It is our belief that a seed of good will become a perfect tree that will bring even better to the world. The company supports employees and their families during difficult times. The company takes part in charitable campaigns for orphans and children with various diseases. The company is responsible both for the prosperity of the employees, and that of the society in general.

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Семейный патент: быть или не быть

В сентябре 2020 года Правительством РФ был одобрен Общенациональный план действий, направленный на восстановление экономики в результате эко...



Новая ставка НДФЛ

Вчера Государственная Дума в третьем чтении приняла законопроект об установлении прогрессивной ставки НДФЛ.



ЕНВД: быть или не быть

Во вторник Государственная Дума отклонила законопроект, который предлагал:
Разрешить применять ЕНВД и ПСН при розничной торговле маркированной...