Sorting & Packaging

Sorting & Packaging

The sorting service we offer is a happy combination of two important work processes:

  • storage of products on very favorable terms, and
  • professional sorting of products on the basis of client-defined criteria.

Sorting can be done by groups, varieties, grades of quality, or by whether or not certain requirements/parameters are met. With this service ordered, products will be received from the warehouse already sorted in accordance with the client’s needs. Long-time observation of warehouse operations has shown that such pre-sorting of goods enables the customer’s own facilities to operate more efficiently as it minimizes their time losses arising from on-site sorting.

Reliable packaging is crucial to safe delivery of products. We offer the following types of packaging: europallets, crates, bags, bubble wrap, stretch film, adhesive tape, and cardboard boxes. More than one type of packaging can be applied to one and the same item (i.e., bubble wrap plus a slat crate, or bubble wrap with additional packaging).

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