Before importing most types of products into Russia or selling them on Russian territory, it is necessary to confirm their compliance with the regulatory requirements of the Russian Federation.

   We can readily assist a Russian or foreign manufacturer or a Russian agent authorized by a foreign manufacturer to meet this requirement.

We offer our services as:

  • Application filer authorized by a foreign manufacturer;
  • Importer of product samples;
  • Certification body and laboratory.

Why choose us?

  • We have extensive experience in fully LEGITIMATE certification;
  • We do our work with integrity and in good faith.

   Our priority is the safety of our partners’ and our own companies’ business. We don’t sweet-talk customers into selling them our services no matter what — we don’t cheat or cut corners. We strictly observe the law, and we give a straightforward and complete description of the whole process, its terms and requirements in advance, and provide our customers later with 100% accurate and valid documents.

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Семейный патент: быть или не быть

В сентябре 2020 года Правительством РФ был одобрен Общенациональный план действий, направленный на восстановление экономики в результате эко...



Новая ставка НДФЛ

Вчера Государственная Дума в третьем чтении приняла законопроект об установлении прогрессивной ставки НДФЛ.



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Во вторник Государственная Дума отклонила законопроект, который предлагал:
Разрешить применять ЕНВД и ПСН при розничной торговле маркированной...