AO ITE is one of the oldest automobile operating companies in the USSR and Russia.

It has changed it statuses several times during its existence. There has been one thing that remains unchanged and that is the working environment created by several generations of employees.

Today we are a group of companies whose services go far beyond the transportation industry.

As one of our well-respected employees, whose length of service is almost forty years, says “A mighty oak tree with a great trunk has grown during these years. Green leaves of new subsidiary companies are shining over it and each company nourishes itself with the juice of traditions coupled with huge experience of previous generations of genuine automobilists.

One of our much-esteemed employees who has worked in our company for almost 40 years tells: «Over these years, a mighty oak has grown; it has a strong stem covered in green leaves of new subsidiaries, each of them nourished with a juice of traditions and huge experience of previous generations of genuine drivers».

Our history:


A truck fleet Avtorazgruzzhildor was created by order of People's Commissariat for Automobile Transport for the purpose of transporting cargoes by railway to Moscow Region.

  • Transport operations were mainly carried out by lorries with sides GAZ-AA.


Great Patriotic War. The truck fleet delivers ammunition supplies to the areas of operation and provides services for aircraft factory maintenance.

  • During the war, most of our drivers were called up for military service and substituted by women-drivers who worked at the enterprise and were awarded with battle orders and medals.


Avtorazgruzzhildor was renamed Passazhirskoe avtokhozyaystvo mezhdunarodnykh soobscheniy (PAMS) with its main purpose of international passenger services. The truck fleet moved to Lyublino, which played an important role in the development of this neighborhood that became part of Moscow sometime later. During this period the enterprise launched over thirty interurban bus services.

  • A.N. Buchin, who spent the whole war period working a personal driver of marshal G.K Zhukov, continued his career as an international driver in postwar period until the age seventy-five.


Moskovsky avtobusny park mezhdugorodnikh soobscheniy was renamed Moskovskoe passazhirskoe avtotransportnoe predpriyatie mezhdugorodnikh soobscheniy (MPAPMS).

  • These years are marked by active physical planning and the construction of the lock-up garages for the repairs and maintenance of the truck fleet.


Moskovskoe passazhirskoe avtotransportnoe predpriyatie mezhdugorodnikh soobscheniy was renamed to Passazhirskoe avtotransportnoe predpriyatie mezhdugorodnikh soobscheniy (PAPMS). The purpose of the enterprise and its functions was to provide service for passenger transport services to Europe and Asia. The two first regular lines were opened: Moscow-Helsinki, Moscow-Stockholm. They laid the foundation for the new type of international traffic.

  • The construction of a heated lock-up garage was started, which housed 450 buses. The convoys of passenger transport were organized in Brest (Belorussia) and Mukachaevo (Ukraine). The motor carrier started to buy trucks for providing goods transport services.


Moskovskoe passazhirskoe avtotransportnoe predpriyatie mezhdugorodnikh soobscheniy was repurposed for Sovtransavto-Moskva-2 .

  • Due to the increase in volume of movement of transit cargo from Western Europe to Iran and a sharp decline in civil passenger traffic the decision was made to repurpose the enterprise for international transport of goods with a gradual withdrawal of the buses from the motor carrier.


Sovtransavto-Moskva-2 was no longer under the authority of the general directorate “Sovtransavto” to become part of “Sovinteravtoservis” and was reorganized into a specialized transport-expediting enterprise Intertransexpedition.

  • “Sovinteravtoservis” was responsible for the provision of technical assistance for foreign carriers in repair and sales of spare parts of foreign cars. Another duty of the enterprise was the refueling of vehicles of foreign carriers using fuel books.


Intertransexpediziya was reincorporated as a joint-stock company and registered as AOOT Intertransexpediziya.

  • It was one of the first joint-stock companies on the market. The main branches of activities are international cargo delivery, customs processing of documents, repairs and maintenance of passenger cars and trucks.

1998 - 2003

A company OOO Best Logistik was started. The delivery of consolidated cargoes from Europe is actively developed during this period. A service center for light motor vehicles and the distribution of spare parts was opened. A new B + class warehousing facility was constructed.

  • The company becomes a fully licensed customs broker and begins to provide such service as import cargo execution.

2006 - 2010

A new warehousing facility was constructed. Several new companies were registered which began to provide freight shipping, customs, and warehouse services in Russia and Europe. Also, a consulting company was started in order to provide legal and accounting services including import-export activities.

  • OAO ITE buys car carriers and begins to develop the delivery of light motor vehicles from Europe. Best Logistik becomes one of the few customs brokers to prepare import-related documents for the import of vehicles. According to Association of International Road Carriers of Russia OAO Intertransexpediziya was named the best international carrier in Russia, while International Road Transport Union named it the best international carrier in finding solutions to environmental problems in CIS. OAO ITE maintained its leading position as an international carrier in 2008.


An IT company was started offering the broad spectrum of the services in the field of information technology. Its own certification body for various types of goods was accredited. The distribution of load-carrying and light motor vehicles is developed.

  • ProFashion, a fashion magazine, awarded Intertransexpediziya a prize for becoming “The best logistics company of 2012”
  • We confirm the compliance with quality management systems and receive the certificate ISO 9001-2011 and then ISO 9001-2015.


A new A-class warehousing facility was constructed and opened for storing clothes on hangers.

  • The warehousing facility is fit with professional equipment under the German brand SCHÖNENBERGER GMBH. At present, our warehousing facility is the only one in Moscow to offer a full range of services for fashion industry at the highest level.
  • We meet international standards of the environmental management systems as well as occupational health and safety management systems and receive ISO certificate.

At present Intertransexpediziya being a group of companies, is a multi-utility company which positions itself as logistics operator 4PL. We offer a full range of services for transportation logistics including the delivery of cargo from anywhere in the world alongside with customs, warehousing, distribution, consulting, legal.

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