Shoe labelling deadlines


A document regulating the procedure for labelling shoes with Data Matrix codes was published on 8 July 2019.

It is Resolution No. 860 of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 5 July 2019 “On Approval of the Rules for Labelling Shoe Products with Means of Identification and Features of the Implementation of the State Information System for Monitoring the Trade of Goods Subject to Mandatory Labelling with Means of Identification in relation to Footwear”

In accordance with this Resolution, mandatory labelling shall be introduced in several stages:

From 1 July 2019 participants in footwear trade shall be registered.

From 1 October 2019:

  • Access to labelling code issue registration devices shall be provided.

  • Voluntary labelling and the transfer of information to the monitoring system shall begin. 

  • The labelling of remaining footwear shall begin.

From 1 March 2020, trade of unlabelled footwear shall be banned in Russia.

The Resolution has many fine points. For example:

  • If shoes were purchased before 1 March but imported into the Russian Federation after 1 March, the goods can be labelled by 1 April 2020.

  • Remainders (goods that were put into circulation before 1 March 2020) can be labelled up to 1 May 2020.

We will return to this topic many times and talk in more detail about each of the stages. Follow our posts on Instagram and come to our seminars. We will announce them.

We would like to remind you that:

  • On 27 June 2019, an experiment got underway on the labelling of clothes (all outerwear, all leather clothes, and knitted blouses).

  • 1 December 2019 is the start date for the mandatory labelling of clothing. However, the date of the ban on trade in unlabelled clothing has yet to be established.

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